Joomla!3.5系列(PHP7)対応版のFLEXIcontent 3.0.14、リリース候補版(RC2)


最近愛用しているCCK(コンテンツ作成キット)のFLEXIcontentに、もうすぐPHP7テスト済みバージョンが出てきます。2016年3月末にリリース候補版(Release Candidate:RC)2が出てきました。









v3.0.14-rc2a (Tuesday, 23 March 2016)


– Fixed delete button image field in folder mode (item form, popup image list)
– Fixed database illegation collation errors in J3.5 breaking access to backend FLEXIcontent management (depends on MySQL version)
– Fixed language switching links (Joomla language module) using (in some cases) current category menu item despite menu item being of wrong language
– Fixed template layout parameters not cleared during item saving when changing template (changing item layout)
– Fixed new Media-manager mode of image-gallery field to display selected images
– Fixed search view ordering via custom field (frontend ordering selector)
– Fixed ordering not working if 2nd level ordering selector is displayed
– Fixed rare case of displaying 2nd level ordering selector while 1st level is disabled
– Fixed issue in sharemedia multi-value mode, causing item form to submit with empty task (form reloads)
– Fixed per category custom feed parameters not being applied
– Fixed custom field ordering being ignored by relation / relation reverse fields
– Fixed (removed) default value from category layout parameter in all category menu items, not allowing the ‘Use Global’ to be selected
– Fixed issue with fatal error search indexer (indexable fields wrongly forcing SQL mode)
– Fixed less templates files to compiling in frontend viewing too, (previously only compiled if LESS file was editted in backend)
– Fixed filtering module ‘s category selector (and any other category selectors) showing categories in reverse order if using the cached category data created by flexisystem plugin
– Fixed a bug with checking if component’s CORE LESS files have changed (bug effects only CORE LESS files and not template files)
– Fixed backend category manager to display ordering arrows by default
– Fixed helper routing file not always included in flexicontent fields helper class
– Fixed minigallery / file field not to check _FILES array when saving item data without using item form
– Fixed route helper file needed but not loaded by filtering module in some cases
– Fixed Table of Contents for multi-paged items when using SH404SEF
– Fixed image field media manager mode to work with J3.5 templates that use bootstrap override for com_media images listing
– Fixed invalid ‘position’ variable warning in item layout of blog template when all field positions are empty
– Fixed Facebook like not showing in toolbar field
– Fixed custom page heading ignored for ‘My Items’ menu item
– Fixed item next/previous navigation field (fcpagenav) to work for item links that are non-category origin e.g. from module
– Fixed ‘require ALL’ parameter of tags scope of universal content module.
–  Fixed item next/previous navigation field (fcpagenav) to work for item links that are non-category origin e.g. from module
– Fixed modal window popup height for image field in joomla media mode (item form)
– Fixed current category configuration not being used by filtering module
– Fixed toggle search flag button in (backend) fields manager
– Fixed filtering form not submiting with enter if both text input is unchanged and submit button is hidden
– Fixed change event on calendar field of filtering forms not triggering thus form not submitting

New features:

– Toolbar Field:
a. Added more default counters to social sharing of toolbar field,
b. Made custom configuration of social sharing more flexible
c. Category view can now have different configuration for social sharing buttons
d. Resizable FB Like button with layout selection (counter, boxed counter, with friends, as recommend)
– Universal content module:
a. Added ‘require ALL’ parameter to the categories scope
b. Added parameter to disable stripping and cutting category description text
– Category edit form UI: Added display of inherited parameter values !!
– Filtering of multi-item views: Added ability to limit or suppress item list until search / filtering form is submitted
– Added less parameter example (letter color of title) to the item layouts of all templates
– Voting Field: Added microdata code to voting field according to google guidelines
– Relation field: Added item count, also added filtering options for the item listing of reverse relation field
– Minigallery field: Added display of file description into the captions (after file title)
– Radioimage / checkboximage fields: Added option for displaying both image and label/value
Changes / improvements:

–  Item form UI Improvement: Main category will not be included in the secondary category selector to allow easier de-assignment
– Field configuration form: Added 2 UI warnings, one about changing field names and one about changing LESS files instead of CSS files
– Moved editing of intro / full images inside a FLEXIcontent image field
– Added better error reporting to backend search indexer
– Replaced old JS-CSS placeholder text for (frontend) text search boxes, with HTML TAG placeholder parameter
– Some CSS changes for width of auto-fitted floated elements in frontend views
– Some minor CSS fixes for item form, some CSS changes for forms
– Cleaner look for configuration of go/reset form buttons
– PHP7: Cleared warnings about CLASS constuctor names
– Added missing language string for filter creation warning
– Modified minimum map size (XML parameter defaults) of Address-International field to be 200×150
– Updated phpThumb to 1.7.14-201602212037
– Improved filtering module and category view to limit text search autocomplete suggestions to category ids of category selector or category filter
– Modified line break separator for fields to also clear floating elements